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Santa Claus Parade 2017



High school stress less week - Kortar version


Pictures are from Lunch period at West Carleton SS for pet a puppy. Great start for the students 'stress less week.' The line up was down the hall and we tried hard to get everyone in, even tho it was only for 90 seconds!! They were soothed on the way out with freezies! Shout out to Ms. Kinney and Mr. Mountenay for helping me to get this all together. Lily was a hit with the students showing her therapy dog skills and the puppies with their antics were loved by everyone. Thanks to Carol and Mike, it was great!!"



Vanier Maple Syrup Festival 2017

Vanier Maple Syrup Festival March 2015

A Hug From Fame There Are Four Dogs In There!
Dolla Flash
Happy Tails Yup! I'm Awake
Kowboy Natasha On Break
Koxswain (Also On Break) Yawn!
Pups at Vanier
Hellooooo In There!


Kortar's Koxswain, Fame, Phoenix, Achilles, and Gryphon visit 

Smith Falls and the Beavers at the 

Valley Highlands 2015 Beaver Brrrr, 21 Feb 2015.

Where we got this cool badge!

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Special Guests: Mrs. Ayala Sher and Newfy - June 2014

The Westboro Jewish Montessori Preschool was visited today by Mrs. Ayala Sher and her lovely Siberian Husky, Newfy. Newfy is a therapy dog, award winning show dog, and was the lead in a dog sled team. The WJMP students enjoyed learning about Newfy as a Shabbat dog, meaning he waits patiently for "HaMotzi' and will give a 'doggy amein'.  Apparently, his favorite food is Challah.

Newfy is the perfect dog to introduce to young children. She is a calm, experienced therapy dog who loves kids. Mrs. Sher and Newfy are part of the "Be A Tree Program", which teaches children dog safety. The WJMP looks forward to inviting them back next year and participating in the "Be A Tree Program".

2014-06-11 15.21.23.jpg

 2014-06-11 15.29.13.jpg













2014-06-11 15.22.45.jpg 

2014-06-11 15.39.28.jpg


2014-06-11 15.39.09.jpg


Vanier Maple Syrup Festival 2014

Before the kids arrive. Wow! Kid Crush!
Bling! Dogs in there somewhere...
Ku After...




Kanata Montessori Visit

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Vanier Maple Syrup Festival 2013

Kortar was once again at the Vanier Maple Syrup Festival

Friday, Saturday and Sunday March 22, 23 & 24

Friday we had 1500 kids on their school field trips 


Day 1, Friday 


Day 2, Saturday


Eight Dog Line


Click above to see the Saturday Movie on YouTube!

Gryphon, Fame and Phoenix


Day 3, Sunday

Where are the people?                                  Right here!

Woof! It's over for another year!


Student groomer at Algonquin College enjoying her charge - or vice versa.

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Kemptville Santa Claus Parade 2012 

With the Kortar Family!!


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The Kortar crew at the Vanier Maple Syrup Festival, 29 March - 1 April 2012. 

The Thursday question of the day was: "What do you do if you're running down the trail and all the dogs have their eyes shut?"

Well, what DO you do??

Here are a few more pictures of our appearnce at the festival:


Set up "Before" Shot. Tails Make Great Pillows! Natashia

Icing Group Hugs Where Are The Dogs?


Hillel Academy


Kortar's Snowball earned the prestigious Ward Young Award for achievements in conformance, obedience and dog racing - within a single year. 
This photo shows a recent educational visit on dog safety awareness, Siberian Husky history and general information made to Hillel Academy. 
Kortar also received the Pedigree Community Service Award.

Read the Prescott Journal article about our Disney movie stars at the Frost Festival.


Buckeye Beer Commercial


"Gloria" who played "Duchess" in the Disney movie "Snowdogs" makes an appearance at the Vanier Maple Syrup Festival.Gloria also spent over 450 hours visiting schools in Ontario and New York State helping children learn about the Siberian Husky breed, racing and general dog information.
Kortar has also been featured in ads for Sur Gain and other dogfoods as far back as 1980.

This photo of Kortar dogs was quite familiar in a Buckeye Beer commercial.

Therapy Dogs - Ki


Therapy dogs and their volunteer handlers visit nursing homes, hospitals, other institutions and wherever else therapy dogs are needed. Shown here is "Ki".

In 2001 Kortar received the Pedigree Siberian Husky Top Breeder Award.










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