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Echo Koki



Echo - Click to Enlarge
Umka Christmas Puppies!
Kowboy & Natashia

Yoshi Pollock
Marilyn in her new home in BC
Hudson Hudson
Riley - sibling of Bill & Kai Kiah getting a ride!
Zep Looking at a Snail

Indy and Leia (Rodeo) Indy and Leia (Rodeo)
Calvin Chatelaine
Nomii, Ku & Czarina  (click to enlarge) Luna
Rosko in Hong Kong - watching the ships. Peaches and Kyle - Cayman Islands
Hudson and Maya
Ky Suchi
Nala Zep
Kayleb in the Snow - Goose Bay, NL Tank and Yoshi
Gichi and his family.
Gichi Ogichidaa Anaya - Ojibwe for "The Great Warrior"
Chico, November 2014 Kadilac
"All Wolves Are Well!" Rodeo's pup, Diamond and Jackie (tail).




"Tank"  Kortar's Kommando King at 13 Years of Age Peaches: "I didn't do it!!"
Charmer and Oceana Comfy!
Maya in her new home in Trenton Tank and Yoshi Share a Soft Spot...
Gryphon the Retriever Kayko: "The Doggone Diver"
Pheonix on her Birthday ~ With Her Present Max
Maya Maya
"Mirror, mirror in the water..." Maya
Two peas in a pod... Peaches babysitting the Cayman pup.


Proud Owners Page 2