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Fun Stuff

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The New Toy - click tp see the short clip!
Kaiber's Interpretation of "Working Dog" Kaiber Having a "Rough Ride Home" 
"The Sweet Spot" Victoria doing the 'Dog Paddle'
Gryphon Resting Gryphon and Achilles
Tucked In Tuckered Out Whispering Sweet Nothings In Her Ear...
Babe Relaxing Mom! Look what I found! A Balloon!!
Trapped in the Snow!! Faster! Faster!
Taste Test Best Buddies

Linda and Elwood Happy New Year from Zep!
Gryphon as Lead Dog!      Achilles, Gryphon and Phoenix
Durn Ottawa Weather! Wendy
Playtime Yum! That was Good!

"Get Lost!" Sugar's Pups
Lily and Wendy Kadillac Fame In Harness


       "Willow and Keely"         Frame 1- Willow's Sweetie Face          Frame 2- Surprise! Willow's Monster Face!
See what I mean?? She's flirting with him!!!
Pick me, Mr. Judge!

Zep is being fed!

Coffee Break!

Super Team!

Husky Pie

Lily is a real star!

Finding Husky


Kadilac and his "Prize"

Klohe March 2012

Klohe March 2012

Tank. Click to enlarge. Tank. Click to enlarge.

Tank. Click to enlarge.

Tank. Click to enlarge. Yoshi testing sweaters. (click to enlarge)
Nico's car seat... Kortar's Phioq at Centre. (Click for More) Tank. Click to enlarge. Visa. Click for more. Ki  takes a seat.

Are ya sure yer one of us?

Bella in the top bunk

Max relaxing. (Click to Enlarge) Kortar's Phioq (Click for More) Hiding with the spare tire!
Back seat driver. Nico Bella "swimming"! You're one great big dog, mister! Visa - "The Graduate"
Kreme Morgan Kayo

A Dry Dog!


Jake gets the lowdown. Frostbite is in single lead,  Echo is behind him, the Kaptain and Glacier are at wheel. Let's get going, people! Mike doing agility with Bam Bam
Kortar's Khyber Knuff with his ribbons Aspen and Bear Jajke peeks out from his den. Kayko and Diva canoeing at Norway Lake, ON
Maggie at Bernard and Gerry's Krunch Smiling Tala It's Mine!
kayo's First Step Handsome! Tala Tala Shadow playing
Koko's Litter Moka Kayak Best Friends Rosie and Henry
Paddington Kortar Girls Oh Boy! Let me start digging! Seamus and Puppy
Takoda It's "MY" snowbank. Paddington Aspen & Frostbite Ha! Ha! You can't see me!