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The New Toy - click to see the video!


Raven and Daisy at 7 Weeks


New Arrival Babe X Kipper
(click to enlarge)
Dolla and Pup

"The New Toy" - click to see the video!


Our Newest Boy

From May and Primo



We will soon have to find him a name...

What will we call him?



"A Basket of Puppies"
Maya Maya
Gidiva's Shiba Babies  - click to enlarge
Poppy at 4 Weeks Poppy at 24 Hours

Wendy's Pups


Wendy's Pups



"Best to keep your toys where you can grab them quickly at all times."


Koko's Litter - January 2007


Hello world! It's awful big out there!


Puppy Time for Visitors!


Proud Prada and her litter.








Truffles and her teddy bear.

"You can't see me!"     Sugar's pups at 6 weeks.


"The Perch"


"Maintaining Possession"

Hi Five to the world! Five minutes old. Fame's Pups Brand New - still wet!

Click To Check Out The Movie "Puppy Talk" 




Friends Make Good Pillows Chicklet and Friend


                                                                                               "Puppies Make Good Pillows"

   Tucker (ckick to enlarge)   Click for the short movie!

                                                                      Tucker                            Icing with her box...


                 Sugar's pup "Icing". Cute, eh?               "Rodeo" - One of Jackie's pups that we are keeping.



"Best of Buds"

Puppy Up My Sleeve

Sugar's Pups (click)

  Nadia's last litter 

  Bling / Drifter pup (click to enlarge)Bling / Drifter pup (click to enlarge)


(And Yet More Puppies! Click Photos to Enlarge)

Red Shiba pup Red Sesame Shiba pup

Black and Tan Shiba pup

Siberians newborn

Siberian pups - 48 hours old Siberians at 10 days 
8 weeks 12 weeks 
Brenin - 4 weeks
Maya - 4 weeks Maya - 4 weeks
Puppy Training




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