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Signs of an Emergency

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See Katherine McKay's guide to Pet dental care.

How much exercise does your puppy really need? Click to read more.




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Eleven Fresh Foods to Add to Your Dog's Diet Starting Today


Dogs Often Do This Just Before They Bite - Can You Spot the Tipoffs?

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Storms and Fireworks

What sends your dog or cat scooting under the couch, pacing, or trembling at your feet with fear?

For some pets, it doesn't take much to ignite their fear response. Storm-phobic dogs and cats  atmospheric pressure or the sound of wind and they start to panic.

Pet parents often ask me… What can I do to help calm my anxious pet during stressful times?

It's heartbreaking to watch your beloved pet suffer. It's only natural to want to do everything you can to help.

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Exciting News About a Vaccine to Treat Cancer in Pets

ImmuneFx Can Be Used to Treat Many Different Kinds of Cancer


We’re used to vaccines that are designed to protect against potential microbial invasion, in other words, preventive vaccines. ImmuneFx is different in that it is a therapeutic vaccine. “Vaccine” in this instance means the drug is designed to incite the immune system to fight something.

A very encouraging benefit of ImmuneFx is its apparent lack of side effects. Veterinarians have delivered over 1,200 doses to various breeds of cats, dogs, and horses, and have seen no adverse side effects.


Ten Human Behaviours That Stress Dogs Out



Can My Dog Eat That?? (Click for the Full Chart)


Are you Vaccinating your Dog Too Much?

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USDA Approved Dog Shampoo

Interesting but don't recommend bathing as often as they said! If you did that, you would be stripping the coat oils and 
most likely have some dry itchy skin!!

Water Intoxication Could Kill Your Pup

Lyme Disease and Treatment

Chronic Active Hepatitis Symptoms and Treatment


Spot The Triggers And Fix Anti-Social Behaviour

Understanding Husky Body Language

Zinc Deficiency And Seizures In Huskies



Heimlich Maneuver for a Choking Pet

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  Recent Interesting Topics


Allergy Alert - Recognizing Canine Allergies (Infographic)

Can My Dog Get Heat Stroke?

The Dangers of Blue Green Algae


When and How to Induce Pet Vomiting In Case They Sample a Poison

Canine Babesiosis: Symptoms & Diagnosis of a Babesia Infection

Animal Hoarding Is Considered a Psychiatric Disorder

Bile Duct Cancer or Biliary Carcinoma in Cats and Dogs

Top 10 Sniffers in the Animal Kingdom

How to Support a Dying Animal

How to Minimize Cat Allergies at Home

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? Coprophagia Can Be a Behavioral Problem

Gray Wolves Adapted Gaze Signals to Help Them Hunt in Packs


Blue-green Algae and Dogs, Blue-green Algae Poisoning in Dogs and Cats


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Cold Weather Safety for Dogs: Insights 

From a Sled Dog Veterinarian


   Toxic Plants

    Why Use a Leash?

   Why Crate a Dog?

    What is a Puppy?

    Vaccination Schedule

    Benadryl Dosages for Dogs       

    Vaccine References

    Water Requirements for Dogs


This article on bug control is excellent! Click on the picture to connect to the free digital magazine!







Is Your Dog At Risk For Bloat? 

Pet Therapy For Your Health

Animal Assisted Therapy - Ayala Scher

  Certification Resources

  Show Titles

  What do you put in a First Aid Kit?

  Should we Spay or Neuter our Dog?

   Mosquito Repellent Plants

   Picking Your Dog         

  Book List

  Winter Skin & Paw Care Tips

Why you shouldn't shave your husky!  


The CVMA document library offers hours of reading for all pet owners. 

"Teaching Your Children Responsible Animal Ownership" (link)  is a must-read for new owners with children.


Did you know? 

Pets can ease loneliness, reduce stress, promote social interaction, encourage exercise and playfulness, and provide unconditional love and affection. Caring for a pet may even help you live longer. Click to read more... 


The hidden suffering of the dogs bred to be cute: Adorable looks. Cuddly names like Labradoodle. But the trend for cross-breed dogs raises disturbing questions...

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This article is also very good. Apple Cider Vinegar! Yum!

Leslie Hall, Kemptville


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Wounded Warriors

Medric Cousineau

Raising funds and awareness for 50 service dogs for 

50 veterans dealing with PTSD 

Click on the following link:


Or click here to check out his website "Paws Fur Thought"